Fan Spotlight: Fan Art Volume 2

Fan Spotlight: Fan Art Volume 2

From characters to pirate ships, our community creates some of the best fan art. This week’s fan spotlight is going to highlight some of our favorite fan art, and we’ve even got one that you can actually play! So let’s get started!

AngelusRex’s Caterpillar

First up is AngelusRex who has given the Caterpillar a lawless paintjob. Named the Dread Pirate Roberts, this ship will strike fear into the hearts of any that it comes across, that is, unless you join. What do you say? Is the pirate life for you? With a ship this pretty we might just have to say yes.

Check out his post!

Celade Wallace

Next is Celade Wallace who has gone above and beyond to create her character. In addition to creating art, they have created a story telling of her adventures around the verse and gives you visuals to bring these characters to life. I can’t wait to see how the adventure continues and what else Celade comes up with.

Check out her thread!

Inca Talmir’s Vanduul

We here at CIG love every time Inca Talmir creates a new piece, and their latest one is certainly no exception. Inca cleverly blends their colorful artistic style with one of our darker races, the Vanduul, and it looks beautiful. If you like this piece then you should definitely check out their previous work.

Check out their thread!

Xevious’ Pinball

Lastly Xevious has created a Star Citizen pinball machine. No, really, a playable Star Citizen pinball machine! Utilizing the free program _Future Pinball_ Xevious has created a working pinball table using art and music from Star Citizen.

Check out his thread!

Thank you to everybody who creates Star Citizen Fan Art. We love looking (and playing) it. If you have a suggestion that we may have left out let us know below! See you next week!

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