Community Spotlight

Content created by YOU!

The sheer amount of community created content that we come across on a daily basis is absolutely mind-blowing! Our community is jam packed with thousands of determined, creative, and talented individuals who continually surprise us with epic content.

There is no chance that we can highlight ever single submission, but here are a notable few to whet your appetite! Find more on our Community Hub!

Screenshots by Berdu

Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 released right before the Holidays, and like many other talented community members, Berdu took that as an opportunity to capture some beautiful screenshots using the freshly introduced camera controls!

Needless to say: these are beautiful!

Tutorial by BoredGamerUK

If you don’t know who BoredGamerUK is, you have probably been living under a rock! Here is yet another example of one of his educational videos that provide a lot of insight and information on one of the new features recently released in Star Citizen Alpha 2.6!

You can check out his YouTube channel here!

Star Marine Trailer by Nihil

We put a lot of effort into making the release trailer for Star Marine in Star Citizen Alpha 2.6… Then Nihil decided to stop by and RAISE THE BAR!

This fan made trailer is evidence of the exemplary talent we have thriving throughout our community, and we could not be happier about it! Fantastic work Nihil!

3D Prints by RiceMaiden

This 1/64 Scale model of the Prowler was made from a combo of 1/8” Birch Plywood and 3D printed PLA. It features a skeleton support structure with wood paneling to make up the shape. 100% hand crafted from the holoviewer model on the RSI site!

As with all of RiceMaiden’s models, the files are free for everyone! 3D print the STL’s and laser cut your favorite 1/8” material with the PDFs. The links to the files can be found in RiceMaiden’s Fan Art/Media forum post!

Community Hub

We are always thrilled to see the creative and talented efforts of our backers, and we want to see more!

If you are interested in seeing more awesome content, or even submitting your own, swing by our Community Hub!

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