CitizenCon 2947 Details

CitizenCon 2947 Details

A Guide to the Week’s Activities

Greetings Citizens!

CitizenCon 2947 is almost here. On October 27th Star Citizen celebrates the fifth anniversary with you, the people that make all this possible. In addition to the annual presentation by Chris Roberts, we’re pushing the boundaries of what a CitizenCON can be in new and exciting ways.

We’re expanding the scope and format of our on-stage presentations to deliver you more information and content; packing additional rooms with interactive demos to showcase new and upcoming technology while letting those in attendance get their hands on it, filling a room with dozens of PCs so attendees can play Alpha 3.0, and broadcasting all afternoon on Twitch so we can bring everything CitizenCon has to offer to those of you who can’t attend in person.

Let’s see what CitizenCon 2947 has to offer. All times are local Frankfurt time, October 27th.

14:00 – Attendees Arrive

Guests are welcomed into the majestic Capitol Theatre. Built in the early 20th century, this historical landmark provides the perfect backdrop for CitizenCon 2947: Exploring New Worlds.

14:30 – Broadcasting Empire Wide

Unable to attend the festivities live? Complete coverage of the event will be broadcast with a show covering all the Capitol Theatre’s activities, interviews with UEE dignitaries, and bringing live presentations to those of you watching from across the Empire.

15:00 – Aegis Dynamics Presents: CitizenCon Opening Address

To mark the official start of this year’s conference, we will hear from noted luminaries on what it means to be a citizen in today’s Empire, and how expanding and protecting Humanity’s new frontier is changing us for the better.

15:30 to 20:30 – Five Presentations

Featuring many of the greatest minds from across the UEE, experience panels on the most recent ground-breaking research and technological trends in the fields of kinesiology, xeno-linguistics, privatized colonization and more with a special address by Innovator of the Year Silas Koerner and an inspiring look at the spacecraft being hailed as a “game changer.”

21:00 – Electronic Access Presents: CitizenCon Keynote Address

Whether it’s visiting a city you’ve never traveled to before, charting a star system newly discovered, or even battling on virtual planets in a sim, Exploring New Worlds can mean many different things to many different citizens. Our keynote address will strive to get at the heart of why exploring our universe is so important, and how each of us can be a part of it.

Additional Activities for Attendees

For those in attendance, this year’s CitizenCon offers some extra features to partake in. Whether you’re getting a behind the scenes look at the technology behind Star Citizen, exploring the moons of Crusader on our network of terminals or catching up with devs and other Con attendees at the bar, there’s something for everybody.

Tech Gallery Sponsored by Aegis Dynamics

Beginning at 15:00, journey to the cutting edge of technological innovation in CitizenCon’s new Tech Gallery. Scientists, Designers, Artists and Engineers offer up close and exclusive looks at the latest advancements in disciplines ranging from geohacking to outpost design to weapon manufacture.

The UEE Diplomatic Corps Bar

Sponsored by the UEE Diplomatic Corps, the Frontier Bar is the perfect place to network for your next exploration mission, simply connect with friends, or catch up with.

Universum Sponsored by Electronic Access

Beginning at 15:30 Electronic Access invites conference-goers to stop by one of their high-end terminals to be the first to experience their exciting new planetary technology.

Beyond CitizenCon

With Citizens attending from the farthest reaches of the Empire, the UEE Diplomatic Corps have ensured there are focal points for meeting up with each other on both the day before and after to ensure a better sense of camaraderie and in celebration of everything being a Citizen entails.

Thursday, October 26th

From 18:00 to 20:00 several members from the UEE Diplomatic Corps will be available at Champions Bar in the Marriott Hotel Frankfurt. You can enjoin with your fellow Citizens there and discuss the logistics of covering everything happening the next day.

Location: Hamburger Allee 2, 60486 Frankfurt

Saturday, October 28th

After the previous evening’s celebrations, we’ll be enjoying a quiet drink at the Apfelwein Wagner in the afternoon from 15:00 to 17:00. Come join us there and chat about your favorite experiences of CitizenCon 2947.

Location: Schweizer Straße 71, 60594 Frankfurt

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