Big Bennys T-Shirts: New Sizes Now Available!

Additional sizes of Big Bennys T-Shirts Now Available!

Greetings Citizens,


Big Bennys started from humble beginnings as a vending machine floating around Crusader, but you guys took him to places we never dreamed possible. To celebrate your efforts, and because the first batch of shirts flew off the shelves so fast, we’ve added additional stock and additional sizes of the long-awaited Big Benny’s t-shirt, available for pre-order now! Show your allegiance to Star Citizen’s most popular noodle vending machine with this dark grey tee featuring the Big Benny’s Logo! Fabric is 100% pre-shrunk cotton. Follow the care instructions on the shirt tag to keep your t-shirt looking its best!

*Subscribers may pre-order starting today, July 29th and your orders come with a Big Bennys patch. Additional stock will open to all backers on Monday at 12 noon PST.

Price includes worldwide shipping. This is a pre-order; estimated ship date is October 2016.

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