Around the Verse Episode 31

Around the Verse Episode 31

The thirty-first episode features an interview with Ken Fairclough & a revamped News segment! We’ll also spotlight the latest news from Cloud Imperium and the amazing work the fan community is doing!

0:54 – Intro/News
3:54 – News from Around the Verse
15:13 – Bugsmashers
21:15 – MVP
22:06 – Interview with Ken Fairclough
29:05 – Customer Service
30:05 – Top 10 Bugs
31:21 – Sneak Peek
32:05 – Outro

This week’s MVP!

If you’d like to use one of our Valentines we’ve linked them below!
Will’s Valentine
Bugsmasher Valentine
James’ Valentine
Chris Roberts’ Valentine
Crab Valentine
CIG Valentine

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