Around the Verse

Around the Verse Episode 50

It’s the 50th Episode of Around the Verse! We have an extended sneak peek at the Genesis Starliner, a new episode of Which Glitch, along with Ship Shape and News From Around the Verse.

0:00 – The Empire Report!
1:10 – Welcome & Updates with Ben and Sandi
3:11 – News from Around The Verse
11:00 – “Cutlass Golfing” with Napper198
11:30 – Ship Shape with Lisa Ohanian
15:03 – Which Glitch? with the Austin QA team
19:12 – Genesis Starliner deep dive with Randy Vazquez
34:27 – What’s the deal with the postcards?!
35:20 – Sneak Peek
35:51 – Star Citizen Photo Montage

Thank you citizens for making Around the Verse possible.

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