Arena Commander 1.0.1 Released

Arena Commander 1.0.1 Released

Greetings Citizens,

The Arena Commander 1.0.1 patch is now available via the Star Citizen launcher! We’d like to thank the thousands of intrepid pilots who helped us test this release using the PTU; we’re extremely happy with how much you are improving the rollout process. Together, we’re making the Best Damn Space Sim Ever!

AC 1.0.1 is primarily a bug fix and game balance patch, addressing issues ranging from ship balancing to missile damage to UI legibility. The complete patch notes are available here. In addition to the bug fixes, several systems and other features have been added:


  • Added fuel system to missiles
  • Added IR signal to missiles so they can appear on radar

User Interface:

  • Added UI and HUD overlays to display location of missiles that have been fired
  • Added radar icons to differentiate between friendly and enemy missiles
  • Buggy has been added to the holotable UI
  • Added drag and drop sorting to power management menu (F3) on some ships
  • Added community request to allow ship roll to be bound to mouse input
  • Added community request for invert option for analogue zoom


  • Added new skins for the Greycat Buggy

Arena Commander 1.0.1 also includes additional Voyager Direct weaponry and Greycat buggy skins. You can learn about these optional pledges here. We are also offering a week-long limited edition ship sale, to allow European backers to pick up spacecraft before VAT change go into effect February 1st. You can read about that here starting at noon PST today.

Finally: if you are an Aurora pilot, please see the attached notice from Roberts Space Industries regarding a ‘known bug’ cooling issue.


Greetings Aurora Pilot,

Roberts Space Industries has received a number of reports of malfunctioning Aurora power plant systems. Some 2944 Aurora models may display an issue which causes their weapons systems to recharge improperly, causing gun cooling sensors to malfunction and, in rare cases, permanently overheating.

We at RSI Consumer Affairs take interstellar safety seriously, and are dedicated to going above and beyond to make sure your starfaring experience is first rate. Thanks to the gracious assistance of our partners at Origin Jumpworks, GmbH, we are pleased to announce that every pilot will be provided a loaner starship from the 300 line until the Aurora overheating issue can be corrected.

In addition to the 300i loaner ship, all Pilots will still have access to their Aurorae, but they are urged to use caution when firing the weapons. Our engineering division expects to correct the issue shortly and have everyone flying again as expected. At this time, the 300i must be returned to the nearest ORIGIN dealership.

To the stars,

Binsen Leck
Vice President
RSI Consumer Affairs Division

RSI Comm-Link

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