1,000 Vanduul Glaive Reproductions For The Taking!

Greetings Citizens,

We are pleased to announce another flyable ship: the Vanduul Glaive! Want to fly or even own a Glaive? You can learn how below!

Wait, I can fly the Glaive?!

Arena Commander pilots can now rent and fly the Vanduul Glaive … but you’re going to have to earn the right! One of the changes in Arena Commander 1.1.6 is an update to Vanduul Swarm which makes completing the gauntlet even more of a challenge. Players who make it through all waves in multiplayer (teams included) will unlock a special badge for your account that grants both the permanent ability to rent the Glaive with REC (35,000REC)… and the chance to purchase their very own Glaive through the pledge store! These ships are limited to a production run of only 1000 and will only be made available for purchase ($ 350USD) to those who have earned it by defeating the newly improved Vanduul Swarm. But you better hurry! These 1000 are sold first come, first serve, so get crackin’ on some Vanduul skulls!

If you obtain the reward in-game, head over to the ship page !

About the Glaive

A long-rumored version of the iconic Scythe fighter, the UEEN-designated Glaive has now appeared with more frequency in a variety of systems. Initially attributed to one of the more notorious Vanduul aces, military intelligence has confirmed that there are indeed multiple versions of the symmetrical fighter in a number of clans. Analysts theorize that only the top pilots are given these powerful and resilient spacecraft, indicating that they may even be a recognition of rank within the Vanduul clans.

In order to better prepare its pilots to face this growing threat, the Navy has asked Original Systems to update their Arena Commander Vanduul Swarm training simulation to more closely and accurately reflect the dangers of facing these elite ships. In addition, using scans taken in battle and schematics created from salvaged parts, the Navy has commissioned Esperia to manufacture a line of faithful reproductions for use in live simulated war games. The highly-skilled UEEN Aggressor Squadron 323, specializing in mimicking Vanduul tactics, was selected to be outfitted with these Human-made Glaives and have been operating training skirmishes around the clock to make sure the brave pilots defending the Empire are ready when the next marauding clan attacks.

Working in conjunction with Original Systems, Esperia has been granted permission to produce a small run of these Glaive reproductions to make available to the first 1000 elite Arena Commander pilots who successfully completing the all-new Vanduul Swarm survival mode. Anyone who completes the mode will also unlock the design as a flyable ship in-game, for use with Rental Equipment Credits.

“The Esperia brand’s partnership with Original Systems allows us to showcase their new, more exciting and more thrilling Arena Commander gameplay alongside the artistry and meticulous attention to detail that our craftsman are known for,” said Danna Manley, president and CEO of Esperia. “We are thrilled at the opportunity to bring this unique flying experience from the simpod to your hangar.”

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