10 For the Writers

10 For the Writers Episode 4

Two of the writers at CIG Santa Monica answer you burning questions about the lore in Star Citizen. From the Vanduul threat to the initial Jump Point discovery all Lore related questions are fair game. The writers answer ten questions chosen from development subscribers. Want your question considered? Learn more about subscriptions here.

00:52 – UGC with Galactopedia
02:21 – Language in 2945
04:43 – Priority of Canon
06:30 – UEE as the Roman Empire
09:00 – Players being entered into the Galactopedia
11:45 – UEE military testing
14:22 – Updating the Galactopedia
16:50 – Principal of non interference of medical services?
19:16 – Size of the Galactopedia
20:56 – Writing for mechanics

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