10 For the Designers

10 For the Designers Episode 04

In this week’s episode of “Ten For,” Matt Sherman and Calix Reneau break out some of your best questions to tackle! From seat roles in multicrew to addressing DJ Pete’s “Calculator,” the guys discuss Star Citizen and future stages of development!

The designers answer ten questions chosen from development subscribers. Want your question considered? Learn more about subscriptions here.

0:24 – Angle of impact in damage system
2:19 – Shielding weapon mounts
4:21 – Ship Role modification
5:55 – Small ship flight model changes ahead?
8:48 – Volumetric handling of ore and fuel
10:42 – Bigger shields on bigger ships?
12:25 – “The Calculator”
15:15 – Seat roles in multicrew
16:47 – Foregoing offensive for all defensive approach?
18:32 – Mix and Match armor pieces

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