10 For the Chairman: Episode 54

10 For the Chairman Episode 54

Chris Roberts answers your questions about Star Citizen in the latest edition of Ten for the Chairman! Chris answers ten questions chosen from development subscribers in each show. Want your question considered? Learn more about subscriptions here.

Questions covered in Episode 54:
2:14 – Password coded hangar doors
3:50 – Download jukebox music
5:05 – Radiation interfering with readings
6:10 – Miliary/Civilian grade gear
7:05 – Waste Management career
8:12 – Weapon racks on larger ships
9:27 – Sim pods on large ships
10:13 – Pets & Vets
11:23 – Realistic ballistics with gravity
14:04 – Limitations for guests on board

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a short video showing the new voyager direct store shield generators and two older ones for reference, by previous request (s0jooman) i’v added the stats fou…
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