10 For the Chairman

10 For the Chairman Episode 52

Chris Roberts answers your questions about Star Citizen in the latest edition of Ten for the Chairman! Chris answers ten questions chosen from development subscribers in each show. Want your question considered? Learn more about subscriptions here.

Questions covered in Episode 52:
2:28 – Custom Crew Uniforms.
3:24 – Banu & Xi’An embassies.
4:30 – Missions for more than one ship.
5:04 – How inventories work.
7:22 – Purchasable voice packs.
8:27 – Org contracts.
9:42 – Planetary quarantines.
10:50 – FPS dungeons/instances
13:19 – Tevarin update
14:21 – Organization leader tools

RSI Comm-Link

This video is intended to be a guide for people who aren’t sure of how to change the weapon loadouts of their ships in Star Citizen. If you enjoyed the video…