10 For the Artists

10 For the Artists Episode 03

A few of the Artists from CIG Santa Monica answer your questions about Star Citizen in the second episode of Ten for the Artists! Each show features 10 questions asked by subscribers, chosen from development for each show. Want your question considered? Learn more about subscriptions here

0:32 – Drawing inspiration from sci-fi
4:05 – Observing artists and the process through screen capture
5:28 – Finding inspiration for specific tasks
7:45 – Handling negative criticism
10:59 – Customizable character helmets and armor
16:19 – Cryengine’s inverse square light falloff support
17:13 – Building out ship assets in pieces
22:48 – High specular faux-chrome paint job?
27:41 – Asteroids move and rotate in-game
28:16 – Blending textures to avoid patterns at a distance

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