Rift Universe Missing out on invasion Bosses is frustrating me! Guides

Hey, so I am a resubber again and realize now how much has changed and how much this game really is superior to any other out there now. However, a very long time ago i had made a suggestion of allowing something to get us to rift event bosses in a faster manner. For example, there was a rift event at EI and while i was mounted and headed to the boss, they killed the boss, but it was the one you had to kill like the 3 versions, so i turn, head to the next site, didn’t get far, dead already. The final version, i’m on my way in the opposite direction and i didn’t get far at all and the event was over with the boss kill. Another example, today in stillmoor, I had just ported in to hand in a quest and realized there was an event, when i popped in the boss wasn’t up yet, but i turned in my quest by the fish hand in guy and the boss pops. I look on map to find the boss, start trodding off and i had just made it past the defiant side of Zeph’s and the boss was dead already. Either people are way to power and killing way faster, and i know some who can just solo whole events, or there has to be a better way of popping to the rift bosses faster. I suggest something like a rift boss lure, costing a planar, sold at planar vendors that instantly tp’s you in the general area of the rift raid boss. And if there is such a thing that exists now, i apologize but have not found one yet. Thanks

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