Rift Universe High Failure rate in Laethys Shard Guides

Zone event does not scale down a bit even only few player participating in the quiet hours. Lot of the zone event over-tuned difficult after patch 1.9, i.e. Scourge of the Sands. After tried them, player are further reluctant to join event for gaining frustration. It is so frustrated to some player that they told me jump to play Eve online or other game immediately. As to me, I think there is meaningless to login at those quiet hours, even that is only my available time for that day.

Please Trion do not destroy the fun of Zone events. Despite Laethys is a medium population server, I still think it does have enough activities player all the time. If the situation is continuing, I, either, go to player Wolfsbone server, or to play other game. Anyway, zone events failure is quite high (30-50%) including server busy hours. :mad3:

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