Rift Universe golden grasp event and fire raid rift t2 =fail Guides

Boss Ochrin vanished again @ 20% health @4:42 pm. Getting sick of this hit and miss on events in Ei. I play on Wolfsbane in Trions own words. Hotfix 1 for 1.6 notes Fixed a timer issue with the zone events Ithkus’ Rise and In Golden’s Grasp so the events won’t time out or fail prematurely. Well the hotfix is fail. The only thing good i can say are the game masters respond fast and give you the sourcestone you lost. But what about all the other items you would get. This is getting old pls take your time……… Before you let a event out in a patch. and what a tease the hotfix was. and the we have the great new t2 fire raid rift that only drops 1 chest my guild farmed it 5 times thinking 1 chest is all you get then i read on here no 2 chests so back to the good old gm ticket what a joke 1st he wants to know what lures we used i tell him then he wants to know who used the lures so i make mu guilds send the gm the info 1 day later and we don’t get any loot just 5 lures good try but this sucks troin fix your events before you release them pls tyvm i love this game but there getting sloppy

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