Rift Universe Bring back the one-shot Mechanic Guides

I’m sure most of us have experienced this by now…there you are, leveling up a new alt for fun, or just watching new players having some fun doing a zone invasion in the 10-20 starter zones

Everyone’s pumped up, they close all Rifts, message comes across the zone, Boss has spawned…all the lowbies run, slow mount to boss to see….

Little Johnny solo level 50 hero has killed the boss just for the ‘lulz’ , wasn’t there a mechanic in place before where the boss would ‘scale’ up to the attackers level so even a level 8 zone boss could whack and take out a solo level 50 hero?

Level 50’s riding around killing level 10 zone bosses have no real business doing it, the issue of "i’m doing the Life Saga" is moot as you can now buy lures for Cinderon and Gnarlodon

All i’m pointing out is that new players, Rift Lite players can’t really get to fully experience the thrill of their first zone invasion if little Johnny is killing the zone boss(es) before they even get to see them

So a suggestion would be the level 8 boss can one shot poor little Johnny, or tie in the proposed mentor system where if little Johnny attacks he’s automatically brought down to same level as the boss

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