Updated PvP Matchmaking and 5v5 games with ranking

“Just a few quick updates for people

match saw the release notes coming through last night:
matchmaking system front of the war will try to match players of similar skill level PvP There were also improvements for groups include games, regardless of size..

5 against 5 are
We just work s a meeting with engineers and designers discussed the test 5 v 5. spec’d is when things go as planned, we would be for 2.5, but not with the release of version 2.5. No prizes, just for pure rankings. Again, this is something that we probably would not have all the time.

Conquest Tweaks left in this area, as in the many tasks that country directly to me. I have a huge pile of comments. going through the last test match and I still expect to implement new version 2.5 have – but again, not the day of patch 2.5

If steppe goes live -.. Shall we wipe traces of Freelancer gear conquest marks of conquest require Freelancer need no more CQ bone.’s New Notes will be issued for new awards.

Dimensions PvP Engineer is responsible for these issues with a higher priority to do at the time. based n ‘ is not canceled and will not die, but the priority is not able for some time.

~ Daglar “