Support Extra Life 2013: Donate to Help Children’s Hospitals


Head on over to Trion’s Twitch Channel and start watching TW_dahanese, TW_OverloadUT, and TW_Morgana as they play RIFT on Greybriar’s shard, as well as Defiance, all weekend in support of Extra Life 2013 to help raise funds and support for participating Children’s Hospital’s, not to mention hand out rewards. If you’d like to donate to Trion’s team and help them reach their goal of $ 50,000, hopefully more, head to the Trion Team Page scroll to the bottom and select a member of the Trion Team to support and donate whatever you can. UPDATE: Trion has broken $ 42,000 in Donations, well on their way to $ 50K and twice as much as last year!! 



EXTRA LIFE                                    DONATE NOW                                     JOIN TRION TEAM

I’ve joined Trion’s Team, playing RIFT all weekend, and hope to help them get to their goal. Head to my Support Page to donate to Extra Life now!

Throughout the weekend there will be prizes given out in the form of redeemable codes through Trion’s Livestream – Trion’s Twitch Channel so start watching now to see how you can participate and enjoy the rewards available for everyone! For all the details and info on Extra Life head over to my Play Extra Life post detailing the benefits and rewards for players, Trion Team Members and top donors alike, also available on Trion’s Community Page. Follow @ExtraLife4Kids @TrionWorlds and @RIFTgame for more info and updates.