RIFT available on Steam and 20% active bonus

RIFT steam announces Free To Play

From RIFT is now again available for download via the Steam client and can be played without a subscription. With this announcement, Trion has three optional downloadable content packs that allow players more features of the game immediately. Unlock

RIFT issue Elected included $ 19.99


  • span style = “line-height: 13px , “> $ 10 credit pack (500 credits)
  • 15 Patron password

    Tartagon mountain

    bog waste Companion Pet

    24 slot bag

    RIFT output saint $ 39.99


  • span style = “line-height: 13px; “> $ 15 credit pack (2250 credits)
  • 30 day pass saint

    Tartagon Mountain

    Spindrel mountain

    Cyclone Mountains

    Companion Animal waste bog

    Mini Regulos companion animal

    24 Slot pocket

    Personal Banker

    Portable teleporter

    Faction tabards

    Hardcore ultimate RIFT saint edition $ 99.99

  • package $ 50 credit (8500 credits)
  • Pass 60 days saint

  • Tartagon mountain
  • Spindrel mountain

    Cyclone Mountain

    Armored White Tiger Mountain

    mind, the Good Mountain Hellbug

  • bog waste Companion Animal
  • Mini Regulos companion animal

    24 slot bag

    Personal Banker

    Portable Teleporter

    Faction tabards

    Votan Fragger weapon transmog


    Celebrate PC Gaming


    players begin to notice that everyone has an active 20% boost to everything in the game. is the list including premiums battery with other bottles similar to patterns or other consumable stores bought boosts RIFT. Improves will be used:

  • Player Experience
  • Planar Attunement experience

    Guild Experience



    Dungeon currency


    currency zones term

    Style> h3 = “padding-left: 30px;”> Exclusive items available for a limited time

    Regulos treasure

    Regulos treasure a new mailbox is available until November 1 and is located on the home page of the store RIFT for the cost of 630 credits using Patron prices.

    This mailbox comes with optional RAID 1 accessory with a http://riftuniverse.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/7a81e_Rift_Scene_Screen-Shot-2013-10-25-at-4.32.42-PM.png chance to be one of the first researchers to spend Telara exclusive rare and not to mention Win giant squirrels amount say black.

    squirrels amount Brown

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    As you have in the screenshot, you can also see the possibility Spoil yourself and buy squirrels Monte Brown, but only for the next day of 2700 credits with an active state boss.

    dungeon loot and potions 160%

    On the Main shop RIFT on the right side you will see the 160% transcendent bottles of consciousness, experience, commitment and chips -. these bottles in the course of the October 28

    available for a limited dungeon in the spoils of the shop RIFT time it is noticeable is a new ring available RAID 1 Quality

    SOURCE -. Click here to goto team Trion community all the benefits of RIFT during the ceremony as well as http://riftuniverse.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/7a81e_Rift_Scene_Screen-Shot-2013-10-25-at-4.32.42-PM.pnges and to see Trion Defiance

    <. h2> Free for a limited time credits – Available November 1