RIFT 2.5: Hotfix #4 11/26/13 8 AM PST || 11/27/13 EU @ 2AM GMT


R1FT 2.5: |-|0TF1X #4 11/26/13 


Intrepid: Greenscale’s Blight Chronicle
Every week until Fae Yule we’re introducing newly updated content for level 60! Our third one is the Intrepid: Greenscale’s Blight Chronicle, which bumps the enemies up to level 60, and has some new rewards to boot!

Mount Up For Mech Week!
To celebrate Mech Week, there is a new world event and daily for players to complete. Get your first Vault by heading to one of the three main cities!

Fall Styles Still In: Until Next Week!
The sales prices for Fashion Week may be over on Wednesday, but you’ll be able to buy the costume gear and dyes until the end of Mech Week next Tuesday– make it work!

* The item upgrade window will no longer sometimes display a white item with incorrect stats.
* Work done on alleviating the 4AM PST login problems.

* Dimension items that come from world events have been moved to their own section of the Store.

* Mechanized Temporal Vaults have been added! These vaults are special items from the future that can only be opened after ** 24 hours ** have passed.
* Open up a Vault for a chance at:
– The Red and Iron Empyreal Walker mount.
– New Temporal Essences, with the +Resist All.
– Exclusive companion pets… and an achievement to catch them all. (Seriously: Complete G0tt4 C4tch Th3m 4ll to get a Pack of Squirrels 2.0!)
– Radiant Infinity Cells to upgrade your Raid 1 gear.
– Special Mech Week weapons, with some new looks to boot.
* Want to open it now? Use a Temporal Aligner to decrease the amount of time needed to open a vault.
– Patrons receive additional Temporal Aligners with their regular log in bonuses, and additional ones can be purchased from the Store.
* Complete Expert Storm Legion dungeons to get a Temporal Cell! Open one for a Temporal Aligner, and a chance at getting a Greenscale’s Lock Box up to relic rarity.



* Wavelength: Now properly resets the cooldown of Arc when used.

* Even in the rarest of circumstances, planar invasions should no longer spawn from Defiant or Guardian wardstones.
* Old school kill quests in Freemarch and Silverwood are now treated as Carnage quests. As such, any old factional requirement to do these have been removed.

* Quest: Doctor’s Orders: This quest now works as intended.

* Salvarola
– Lowered damage of Warped Fanatics.
– Lowered both the damage bonus and the health of Warped Fanatics under the effects of Overwhelming Power.

* Corrected an issue where the trash immediately before Warden Thrax was not correctly resetting if players died.
* Portals to and from the entrance have been added to alleviate travel time. Each one spawns after their respective bosses have been defeated, one after the Eggtenders, and the other after Krizzix.

* Ionraic:
– Fixed an issue that prevented from summoning his pets on reset of the encounter.
* Nemesis IV:
– The knockback portion of his cleave has seen a damage decrease, additionally, it no longer has a chance to crit.
– The snare portion of Salvo now has a maximum stack count of 1.


* The Stellar Wellspring of Fire Resistance, Life Resistance, and Water Resistance recipes can now be learned again.

* Updated the text on the Verdant Angel and Jasper Snapper so they correctly reflect where they can now be fished.
* The Iron Pine Peak Fisherman achievement no longer requires the Jasper Snapper.
* The Droughtlands Fisherman and Moonshade Highlands Fisherman achievements no longer require the Verdant Angel.
* Dropped the skill requirement for using the Coldwater Seabug, Serene Flatfish, Icebiter, and Glacier Octopus lures.

* The Brine-boiled Crab recipe no longer requires the Striated Crab of Iron Pine Peak; it now requires the Burrowing Crab of the Droughtlands.
* All Food-category recipes that require uncommon or rare fish now yield 2 per combine, including Prime Flycatcher, Kraken Hors D’oeuvres, Sun Soup, Aged Eel, Chilled Octopus, Pondleaper in Gravy, Sharpfin Chops, Octopus Broth, Brine-boiled Crab, Flatfish Kabobs, and Blenny Fillet.

* Equipping or owning the Reinforced Spiked Chitin Loop will no longer result in having a total of 1 Hit.
* The Mighty and Greater Strength Serums now work correctly once more.