RIFT 2.5 Hotfix # 3 20/11/13 10:00 PT | | 21.11.13 @ 1:00 GMT EU

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RIFT 2.5 Hotfix # 3 20/11/13


Intrepid: Hammerknell Chronicle
Each week until Fae Yule we introduce new content update for level 60 The second is the Intrepid: Hammerknell chronicle that causes enemies to level 60 and some new awards to start

Welcome to Fashion Week ! This is Fashion Week! Winning Costumes RIFTScene the “Dress Night Away” is now available in the shop. Plus all costumes and colors to 25% by next Wednesday, 27.11

* Access to areas of the Legion at 48 storm is now easier! Talk traveling Dusken, Pelladane or Tempest Bay with Ambassador Lycini in Sanctum or Meridian.
groups snapshot adventure will now complete one event area if the size of their adventure group is a minimum 15 players will be assigned.
* A mini-world event and a new daily quest is available in each city to celebrate Fashion Week!
A number of benefits are associated with the presence Sinister now properly classified.
international shards are now also in the international Web “Server Status” page.
Russian players should now be able to see the French and German characters in the chat.

marked * Dress the Night Away competition results are in costume … and we liked the 3 finalists so that they are all on the memory. Find them in the dressing area!
A number of dyes were temporarily in the shop RIFT in celebration of Fashion Week.
* Added a variety of limited time was exceptional dyes shop RIFT in celebration of Fashion Week! updates Relic
added are now available for Raid 1 weapons purchased in the store.
The section of the essence of RIFT company has adapted in all level ranges.
rare species for levels 10 to 50 are available in the shop.
The new keys have been added to the store ! Each button opens a locked box of equal or lesser rarity.
Box Keys Deeps existing lock box lock are now Skeleton Keys, and will continue to open in the game, each locked box.
* The auctioneer Portable now gives 5 costs 3
* Two new store supplies were added to the service area RIFT Dungeon loading and front loading war
-.! These articles to increase number of your current expenses random battle fields and random dungeons
-. you can still only costs 7
available at any time -. As a friendly reminder, high currencies caps weekly gain. These limits have not been adjusted
Costume speed .. Agitation Duster now has channels of primary and secondary colors for dye application



Saboteur unstable transformation: The healing proc should now last the duration of the buff

INQUISITOR * Symbol of corruption. : now works as described

SENTINEL * Banish.. Damages now each 1.5 s instead of all 1s damage effects on the adjustment period to other clerics duration is 15 seconds .. Updated to reflect new permanent damage to
vigilance. duration to 15 seconds
* Healing Communion. Slightly increased the healing

KEEPER * Characters will no longer proc Geyser
healing * Overflow renewal. Can now be cast on allies outside your group or raid. Excess spread of rotation groups and boundless influence raid allies targeted, although this is not the launcher, group and raid
Ripple. Can now allies outside of your group or raid healing you spraying or pouring soothing flow of Ripple Effects distribute or group. targeted raid ally impact, even if it is not a party to the roulette or Raid
supersaturation. Now procs dangers depth on distribution (if you spent points in the perils of the deep .)
supersaturation. procs now damage if an ally is near by clerics, not just members of their party and raid healed
glassy reflection If it is not by casters own abilities consumes MAGE

DOMINATOR * Charged Shield masses This ability has been removed
* Improved Shield setting. this talent has been removed
* New Skill:. Voltaic Comments: Air inflicts damage if the opponent does damage Deals Air to the enemy and the goal of healing damage when the enemy throws. heal a single target may reach a total of 5 times 15s Guard Can only an enemy This is a 4 point root ability
* New Talent:….. Advanced Comments: Increases the duration . Voltaic left by 5, and the number of times it can be two quarters Proc This is a Tier 2 talent
split personality .. Pets now disappear when the buff is removed from . powder


PARAGON * Shifting Blades
ow share a cooldown with
Arc remains: Damage reduction in lines 1-4 . done This only affects lines before level 50

TEMPEST Arc .. Now share a cooldown with Shifting Blades


Ember Isle
* Added a soul breaker healer.
event small area boss Nirzora health and increases the time between tsunami throws.

Iron Pine Peak
Robern cart in the area of ​​Forge Chancel must now offer a daily quest for each player, the quest for the story “just punishment”
Directed complete You and what army. credits Now every player who finishes quest Chasing snakes
* Chancel implementation.. Frozen heart in this area for meta-achievement is not the performance Nowhere to Run
required * Performance: For the library: Players now evidence for the discovery of the Forge region

TERMINUS * Worshippers eternal area lost terminus March longer grant XP or prey

The Dendrome ..
Mr. Gren ‘ Dar should no longer disappear for some players in the big games

Dungeons and Instances

Modan and Viktus
-. Obsidian beetles can more crit


Inyr’Kta -. Silicon storm stops for reals after Inyr ‘K
your defeat -. Resets no longer aggro when the investment a chest of loot randomly occurring at the opposite end of the platform players
Gambit Queen /> * Fixed local ..

* TWISTED sets requirements uncomfortable realization

Return to

Ionraic low blow -. Pets have more HP
-. Summons 75% animal health instead of 50%
– .. Will not be the last voice spammer
-. Fixed an exploit with the collected Them All power /> If an animal is killed during the battle Ionraic Ironclad Goliath ..
– If EMP often thrown
– will now continue fists division throw on the tank, instead of turning randomly to other players
Nemesis IV: ..
– Columns label now has a knockback component for all this behind him
– Will Salvo often thrown
– Reduced damage to the flashing lamp
paula …
– ray beam restoration VFX
now – now has a lower level range. to wipe aggro problems with reset after a party prevent
– Paula guards can now be tanked, but do not go below 50% HP Thanked Tank’em

An exit portal now appears, killed by Typhiria.

AND PVP battlegrounds
* Fixed an issue Merc covers material not Random field daily battle for prestige places 81-90.

* Prismatic Stellar Wellspring be rewarded exquisite recipes and bottles Spellstrikes now working again.

Fishing in Iron Pine Peak now corresponds to steps 27-35 again to the zone
qualification requirements fishing correspond to changes ..
– Reduced requirements. Professional fishing for Iron Pine Peak 180-120
– increased the fishing skill Droughtlands 150-180
requirements – requirements on increased fishing skill Ashora, Dendrome, Steppe and Infinity 270-300 .
reduced qualification requirements and craft a nominal fee for Coldwater Seabug, Serene dishes Icebiter Glacier and octopus recipes baitfish. (They were 190 or 160 skill, and skills are now 125 or 145 ).
The Green Angels can not fish anywhere except Iron Pine Peak.
Jasper Snapper is exploitable in Iron Pine Peak.
specific artifacts fishing fishing Iron Pine Peak were traded for each level.
awards for newspapers Exchange Fish Iron Pine Peak have been adjusted to reflect the new content sublevel.

SURVIVAL * The cake recipe and devils food cake subject to change. Green Angels in this recipe were all replaced by the devil Stillmoor. This recipe makes 10 cupcakes now instead of one, as Stillmoor Devils are more difficult fish.
* Most daily quests for the level of skill that requires 175 survivalists fish instead require Iron Pine Peak Moonshade Highlands now and / or Droughtlands fish.

improves the quality of life of the article: Model /> – updates Chronicle All older components may upgrade Left Shift-click their new environment
– Improvements. raid: Radiant Infinity-Cell is now the single cell of the infinite can be used to make Raid 1 level storage gear ‘sorry’ The other two components upgrade already moving up the right can be. clicked in an infinite radiant cells.
bought * Level 60 Infinity-stone necklaces have a way of additional upgrade.

* Display pink ground are now correctly credit the dimension gardener performance.