RIFT 2.5: Hotfix #2 11/13/13 @ 8AM PDT || 11/14/13 EU @ 1AM GMT

RIFT 2.5: Hotfix #2 11/13/13


Return to Deepstrike – Every week until Fae Yule we’re introducing content newly made for level 60! Our first one is Deepstrike Mines, which has a new quest, a new storyline, and new enemies to defeat.

* Patrons should no longer have their patron ability charges randomly reset back down to 1.
* Missed out on your House Fluffington title? Fear not! The Corgi rifts will make a sudden return appearance between the times of 11/15 @ 19:00 to 11/18 @ 08:00 server time!
* By popular request, the Definitely Not A Sinister Companion is now larger in size !
* European players will no longer see “???” characters in their chat window when another player types something in Russian. Instead, they will now see the actual Russian characters.

* You are now be able to purchase items off the wishlists of your cross-shard friends!
* Merchants will once again sell their wares to you if they cost a single token, such as the Ascended’s Lesser Signet.

* Rifts: The sky will no longer darken when the Sinister Tide Rift is active.
* Rifts: Players that are level 51 and below can now properly get the Dark Water Rising achievement when completing the Sinister Tide rift.
* Characters that are level 48 or above can now speak to Hunel Pudillo in their home city to teleport directly to Tempest Bay.

* Quest: Dreams Come Through: Fixed an issue that would cause the Dream Anchors to disappear permanently.
* The Atragarian Gift buff will now persist through death.
* The NPCs at Breaker Point have put aside their feuds, and will no longer sporadically attack each other.

* All crafting dailies that were previously turned in to Master-at-Arms Varis can now be turned in to Robern Charrette.
* Level 50 Abyssal cultists in Steampike Pit have been relocated.
* Quest: Just Punishment: Completing this quest will result in a pool of daily quests being offered by Robern Charrette in the Chancel of Labors.
* Quest: Thunder Snow: Now functions correctly.
* Quest: Train the Recruits: Can now be completed even if you have completed the daily version.
* Quest: Storm Legion Awaits!: This quest, given by the Map of Brevane and Dusken, has been removed. Using the map now gives the quest “Storm Legion”, which directs players to the Lycini Ambassador in their home capital instead of the two now missing Gatekeepers in Iron Pine Peak.
* Quest: Display of Power: This quest has had its objectives fixed, and now correctly turns in to Watcher Natham near Icewatch Ridge.
* Quest: Disrupting the Ritual: The order of this quest’s objectives have been corrected.
* Quest: A Wolf in the Flock: The quest target, Regula, is now properly level 35 instead of 48.

* The quest to kill the Sinister Presence is now correctly given to players that have killed the Presence for the first time in the following instances: Queen’s Gambit, Unhallowed Boneforge, Empyrean Core and the Planebreaker Bastion chronicle.
* Expert Dungeons: The Sinister Presence found in expert level dungeons is now immune to crowd control excluding Taunt and Interrupt. It will also have a small window of delay between attacks after a charge.
* Return to Deepstrike Achievements can no longer be mistakenly earned by completing Expert Deepstrike Mines.

* Reduced the radius of the Water Spout ability used by Sea Witches in the Planebreaker Bastion from 12 meters to 10 meters.
* The Waterborn Behemoth in Planebreaker Bastion will now cast a much more menacing Tidal Wave.
* The duration of the bleed used by the Waterborn Behemoth in Planebreaker Bastion has been slightly reduced.
* Proteus:
– No longer focuses people who are being attacked by Quicksilver Constructs.

* General Thunderscar:
– Added a short delay before he begins using Electric Bolt.

* Aghnox:
– Lowered aggro radius slightly.