RIFT 2.4 Hotfix # 8 25/10/13 @ 10:00 PT | | 10/24 EU@01.00 GMT

div RIFT 2.4 Hotfix # 8 25/10/13

* New RAID rings are available in the shop for two Slayers RIFT Empyreal marks and credits.
* Exceptionally Dye Pumpkin is now available in the category of the event!
swimsuits are now in the premium category in the store, so they are easier to find.
* The new mailbox, the treasure of Regulos is now available from 1 November! Open to have a chance at the Black Squirrel mount at level 1 or RAID accessories!

Dungeons and Instances

* X-breaker 1
-. Not depend on the fight when the target group main breaker uses a portal for the distribution phase
* Airplane breaker Abominus
– Platforms supervisors teleport Council, reliable players on the current active platform when they revive their
– Graviton bomb. Pets not kill or damage adds
– Cannon obliteration .. It is no longer channeled, shortly after a bomb was activated graviton
– Nutronic Explosion: Now more random fires on target, and do more critical damage
– Reckoning formidable. Now beginning to launch two members of the Board of Supervisor Risen were killed