RIFT 2.4 Hot Fix # 1 – 9/19 @ 8:00 PT | | 9/20 EU@01.00 GMT

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Posted by Morgane CM (forum post)

RIFT 2.4 Hotfix # 1 09/19/13

* The damage and HP of the old world (Mathosia / Ember Isle) mobs have been reduced slightly. They are even harder than they were before 2.4, but not difficult.

Dungeons and Raids

* Fixed an issue that mine land Autodeployers and eternal sentinels prevented placed before

* procs for the following species have been corrected.
– Prime hunting caller flame Rotward
– Hunting Prime Healer Rotward
– hunting Brimstone Prime Healer

IU / Settings
* The field multipass option has been removed, and instead of characters will always be unlocked for everyone. There are more optimization.
* known recipes are properly again. Filtered
revenues once again display “already learned” on their tooltips.