Presented in the closet September 14

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first cabinets week threaten the coffin on Deepwood.

If Darth Vader came to Telara, it is what it looks like. Well, maybe Vader go to the all black look (because it is thin and George Lucas is anything but subtle), but I personally think the purple and beige give this wardrobe much deeper. Purple glow also helps to build on the “wrong” feeling.

I personally my favorite part is the helmet. Mainly because these are small watchful eyes furtively terrifying as hell. I swear she looks directly into my soul

Bears coffin.
Cap Medium Leather

Medium Leather Hood

Bind on equip

Leather Armor Photo

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prophet Haurbauk dress

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Armor 2051 64 ‘ rift -pos’> wisdom 58 Endurance 54 +24 Spell Power


Calling: Rogue, Priest, Mage, Warrior | detachable (Runebreaking 301 )

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Eliminator gloves

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gloves Eliminator

Linked collection

leather armor Photo


Endurance 3

Required Level: 12 Calling Photos: Warrior, Cleric, Rogue dismantled AB (Runebreaking 1 )

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leather boots steel reinforced

leather boots reinforced steel

Bind on equip

Leather Armor Photo


Armor 299 Force 5 Skill 12 Dodge 13 > Hardness 13 +

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Required Level: 50 Calling Photos: Warrior, Cleric, Rogue dismantled AB (Runebreaking 226 )

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