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The fall annual fundraiser that began in 2008 has seen the support of thousands of players around the world, to save the lives of children in the region is known as Extra Life. Reunited with donations from participants to record their efforts and hospitals Gamers Miracle local children and received commitments of members and other supporters, who all go to support the choice of hospital CMN participants. Commit to this great event, and even for the chance to win prizes and rewards for reaching certain amounts, click the Extra Life Link. Since 2008, players were able to collect donations to more than $ 4 million.

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Rift Extra Life

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participants for this annual fundraiser “the” as nonprofit and another mystery title will be available for those who are able to clock 25 hours of playing time at both Defiance or RIFT

– Gamers 1 year membership Trion receive “The Sleepless” title

– Participants who are JOING victory Trion for the second time “The Insomniac” title

– 3. Participants year with Trion granted “The Committed” title

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