New Underwater Areas on Live!


This afternoon TehFrank posted a new thread about some new areas off Ember Isle that may be the premature start to the development of new underwater zones that have been hinted at, for a RIFT 3.0 release, by the Devs at Trion.

Go and explore! The port (breaker point) is west of the island on EI.

Other places include: Dream Furnace, Ruins of Gakulos (with a swimming healer), Dream Hallow, and Temple of the Moon.

There is not much there other than the port and the healer…and the lava burns…and its mostly copy/paste of other places in EI…but still =^.^= [-TehFrank]


This drew a large amount of curiosity from myself and I was initially just going to write a mention for this, however, I visited the new areas myself and they are much larger than I had first figured. Due to the comments on the forum following the above post (click the source link above) TehFrank states it isn’t that exciting as there’s not much to see, while I found it very interesting, I had to take some screenshots of the new areas and architecture. I was expecting just a port on a little island and maybe an NPC underwater but when I got there and started swimming I just kept seeing more and more!

First Glance at Breaker Point


When you go to Ember Isle the easiest way to get there is to come out through the Talos Landing porticulum and then run straight south to the little island within EI then head to the west edge of that little island. You will see a tiny island just off the coast that should look something like above – Welcome to Breaker Point! You can find the coordinates in the map below.


Travel Stone



The blue crystal is actually the Porticulum of sorts being utilized at this location, identical to the crystal which initially brought the Ascended to Ember Isle, this Travel Stone is different in that when you enter the Porticulum system you can teleport to this location. There isn’t much more on Breaker Point but here’s another couple screens anyhow :) .




Once you’ve run around Breaker Point for 30 seconds you’ll get bored and then want to dive into the water to see what’s there! Leaving Breaker Point off the west side you will walk down some steps to get into the water and then swimming down you will find a gift.

Atragarian Gift


When I first began swimming around I thought to myself about whether or not they had implemented a tool or function that would allow you to freely explore these new zones without the hassle of dealing with breathing issues. As I thought about this the object above came into my view with the tooltip Atragarian Gift. Swimming up to it and clicking on it made my bar disappear and I began to swim at an actually decent pace. Going to the tooltip I read that this was in fact Trion tool in order to allow you to swim unhindered by that pesky breathing and with a more acceptable travel rate lasting 2 hours. These gifts are strewn all across the new areas so if you find yourself for longer than 2 hours, you’re good to go.


Ruins of Gakulos

foundruinsofgakulosOnce you’ve acquired your Atragarian Gift keep swimming down and between two rocks you’ll see a glimpse of the first area before discovering the – Ruins of Gakulos. These areas I do have to stress are quite empty other than some interesting new glowing objects that I would take a guess are either creatures, or just sea-weed. In order to really have a good look at these structures you really have to swim amongst them, if you’re too far away the water is very murky.



Fallen Healer


The one thing this zone has that is unique compared to the other new zones is the sole NPC the Fallen Healer whom will heal your soul. She is located at 11675, 3605 (approximately) and I found the easiest way to find her was to swim west through Ruins of Gakulos until you see the Healer symbol on your minimap.

Dream Furnace


Heading south south west from the Fallen Healer should bring you to Dream Furnace which is pretty much the only really cool place. There are building around on the ocean floor which has holes punched through the crust and lava is flowing under and drifting up into the water as it cools.



Dream Hollow


Heading straight North you should run into Dream Hollow which is extremely boring and is essentially a crater underwater with a couple structures and a small tunnel you can swim through. I spent about a total on 1 minute in this area because it’s small and empty.


Temple of the Moon


If you swam straight north to get to Dream Hollow it’s possible you went a little too far or were right on the border and you may actually discover Temple of the Moon at the same time or first. Temple of the Moon is pretty big with lots of structures to explore.



There you have, you’re sneak peek into the new underwater zones found off the west coast of Ember Isle, have fun exploring!!