New conquest: Steppes of Infinity – Posts details Daglar


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details conquest Steppes Infinity card works and how each team scores points by drawing on the extractors between Fort: Steppes of Infinity

Daglar a few details how the new conquest displayed Brevo and Fort Antapo. The end of the game, a familiar slaughter homes and potential boss spawn. It should be available from tomorrow on the PTS and other aspects can be implemented as it is developed.

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div to make a version a little time for 2.5 (but probably not at launch). I pushed this place on the draft of the testing branch, meaning that it is likely to be available Thursday. Objectives of the draft: take care Brevo Fort Fort Antapo (and vice versa) to score for your team. You have the cost of one of the many extractors (not vulnerable) use to gain points – which can be interrupted. This is the only mechanism present notation, while others can be added as it is to iterate. This triggers the next step (step timed) is launched kills only when other methods are obtained as score values ​​will probably added. Endgame is still free to all households in damage and loot bonus profit / spawn a boss. I expect some jankiness and curiosities as with all things on the PTS I’m planning a playtest for some time next week, once a place, do not hesitate to jump in. ~ Daglar