Dress to dance the night: Results!


Once again, I want to thank everyone for their amazing comments. Narrowing of the hundreds and hundreds of creative entries to ten was not an easy task. Congratulations to all the finalists.

As for the live stream Trion announced Friday, here are the winners of the costume contest!

First Place

div width=height=class="300"

div” Halloween Knight flame “of Daemonus on Wolfsbane

Daemonus won

  • 5000 Rift Store Credits
  • “mode” title
  • Finalists

    (in alphabetical order)

    width=height=class="300" ” Deathcap Mushroom Redknob “on Faeblight

    won by Amity Amity:

  • ” Fashion “title
  • ” The Joker “by Belzaa on Greybriar

    Belzaa won

  • “mode” title
  • style = “Wonder Woman” by Clarett on Wolfsbane

    Clarett won:

  • “mode” title
  • width=height=class style = “Empyreal Bounty Hunter” won by Dieseloctane on Wolfsbane


  • “mode” title
  • width=height=class ” Captain Kirge Shady: The Lost Buccaneer “by Kirge on Seastone

    Kirge won

  • “Title Mode”
  • width=height="" ” The Green Goblin “won by Scoobah on Laethys


  • ” mode “title
  • width=height=class style = ” The Aviator “by Wynalei on Greybriar

    Wynalei won

  • “mode” title
  • RiftScene