Dress The Night Away: Update



The finalists for the Dress The Night Away contest have been selected! And no I’m not going to say who they are – you’ll have to watch Trion’s Livestream on Twitch this Friday, November 15th at 1:30 pm PST for the big reveal, and to help select the winners! Click here if you need the link.

So why am I posting? Because I need you all to be aware that those of you who have been selected as finalists will be contacted by RiftScene in the next few days. I realize that this is vague because I can’t give anything away but please please please check your email and in game mail for the next few days. It is very important that we get in contact with you before the livestream. We will only be contacting the finalists.

I would also like to add that we had hundreds of amazing submissions and that narrowing them down to ten costumes was amazingly difficult. I am super proud of all the costumes, and the creativity in the community. We tried to pick a variety of styles and themes for the top ten, and we took a lot of factors into account. I know you’ll all be as blown away by our finalists as we were.

I will also be doing some follow-up features here on RiftScene to show off some of the other costumes that didn’t quite make it into the top ten. Some people have already expressed interest in seeing all of the submissions, but due to the number of them, that just isn’t feasible. I will do my best to show off some of the better ones, though.