Dream Dimensions 101 – Valzen @Greybriar


Santa’s House.
Legion of Carnage Guild

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Cottage Connoisseur & Christmas.
So busy  as I fumble with sleep patterns still after Extra Life  excited to say hi as Telara prepares  for the festive season ahead and who better to lead us their but Valzen a returned veteran Dimensioneer who loves to color her life and ours  in rich, sweet yet humble creations.

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Finer Details.
Valzen  is an artist with an natural eye for beauty whose home life is her favorite pallet to draw from and place in each Dimension she builds. Her decadent touch has a simplicity and strategy that is truly masterful especially in lighting and contrasting color.  Stepping into each Cottage is like being wrapped in a warm shawl on a cold evening and her Kestrals Cry Ravine “Santa’s House” made me feel like I was in a Telarian sized snow globe the amount of care and thought given a whimsical feast.

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Gifted Creations.
This really is the perfect window of opportunity to roll out the red carpet into the festive season preparing for celebration and comfort.
If you are not aware of the competition I refer to on the Rift Official forums please check: Cozy Cottages Contest


Dream Dimensions 101- coming to an Axis near you!
If you have a Dream Dimension in a Dimension you have not seen yet on our Youtube channel (ie Necropolis, Temple of the Abandoned, Level 25 Guild.) If you have a theme I have not yet featured or if you are a Guild dimension. Just some of the wonders I am keen to see. Please let me know kiwi@riftscene.com

Have fun everybody and thank you Valzen AMAZING!