Autumn Harvest: October 17th


Autumn Harvest

Come joing the celebration this year during Autumn Harvest starting October 17th and travel Telara collecting mead producing items and sap used to purchase exclusive and rare items only available during the event.


The Harvest Master

Atrophinius returns to his rampage of Mead producing and ghoul performing antics all across Telara with spectral mounts and delicious treats that will last throughout the year. Puppets, ghoul transformations and pumpkin heads return this year as well as essences and rings available through collection of sap.

PVP as Werewolves and Vampires

Monster enthralled Warfronts are revealed in Monster-Mash Black Garden for Halloween this year to fight it out in celebration of Autumn Harvest.

New RIFT Store Items

We will be seeing even more new outfits revealed for Autumn Harvest so everyone can show off their own unique styles. Halloween masks, special edition boxes and crates, ninja costumes and a new Dimension with themed Dimension item plus much more can be acquired through the event. Read more at RIFT’s Community Page for the announcement.


Below is a sneak peak at some of the items currently up on the PTS including Baubles, Rings, Essences, Costume items and more, keep in mind these prices are on the PTS so they are not final.

Serums and Pots



FinalRings1 FinalRings2Essences

FinalEssences1 FinalEssences2Companions

I quite unfortunately do not have any of the event currency from last year’s Autumn Harvest so I wasn’t able to purchase and try out the Discarded Puppet items, however I’ve read on other postings they are basically your very puppet out the characters from the Puppet show in Hailol. Go watch some of the shows to get a look at some of the puppets you can get!


Supply Bag




Lure – Autumn Harvest Rift?


Many, Many Drinks

There are a plethora of drinks and food that will be available with Autumn Harvest currency giving a variety of different stat boots and other tastes. There were so many and we’re all pretty accustomed to these types of items so I didn’t want you to strain your eyes or get hungry by seeing them all without having the enjoyment of consumption.

Finally, Costumes


Tell us what you’re looking forward to getting this Autumn Harvest!