Autumn Harvest Arrives!! Rare Loot, Costumes and More


Autumn Harvest – Thru November 4th

Come join us in Telara for this years Autumn Harvest Announced Today and continuing through the 4th assist Atrophinius and his fellow Fae by gathering Autumn Harvest Sap and Autumn Harvest Signets and purchase exclusive and rare rewards available for a limited time. Bonus XP, Notoriety, Favor, and Prestige will be granted throughout the event as well so take advantage and have some fun this weekend.

Realm of Autumn Harvest

From any of the ports located throughout Mathosia you can gain access to the Enchanted Fae Realm to reap rewards including loot, artifacts and other items from across Telara.

Halloween Rifts

Pick up the Auspicious Harvest lure to complete the limited edition Halloween themed rift including dangerous and safe pumpkins, have fun!

Black Garden Monster Mash

50 percent bonus to Prestige and 100% bonus to Favour will be available for those participating in the returning Monster Mash Black Garden Warfront from October 17th till November4th. Experience the fight while transformed into nefarious creatures as you crush other Ascended with both new and known abilities.

Rare Loot

As mentioned above, collect Autumn Eyes reward potions to gather invisible Artifacts including some extremely rare sets that are craved amongst other collectors. Sap and Signets can be stockpiled to receive rare loot as well as one of four Spectral Mounts.


New Items in RIFT Store

New costumes of many varieties including a sinister Reaper’s Bundle and a plethora of other items to celebrate Autumn Harvest. There will be limited edition grab bags including costume items, supply crates for a chance to get the rare Reaper Mount, the new Dimension plus Dimension items, ninja costumes and more!!