Rift Universe Trion, a few things for you to fix in Instant Adventure… Quest

First of all, thank you from the bottom of my altoholic heart for IA. It’s awesome. I can’t imagine how great it will become once you’ve fixed and fine-tuned a few things in it.

Here is my humble list for you:

1. As a lvl 48 player, I used to be able to choose Stillmoor & Shimmersand as IA destination. With Random Adventure that deliberate choice is gone, and it’s not good. Bring it back please.

2. If I’m in Meridian and a random IA pops up, 9/10 cases the teleport to IA zone won’t work. It just "flashes" for half a second and disappears before I can accept it. Please fix.

3. In Stonefield random IA, the mini-quest to kill Troglodytes has awfully slow mob respawn. The raid is running in circles just killing anything in its way, and I’m sure it’s not the intended "fun" part of the adventure, when you know it’s not bringing you closer to the quest completion.

4. More zones please! 1-50 in 2 zones only?! come on….

Feel free to add to the list guys.

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