Rift Universe Little scavenger hunt, part I Quest

Gloamwood challenge is broken, or at the very least the pinnacle of quest design gone bad.

Every update that adds quests players give feedback about quest bottlenecking.

On faeblight, GM’s actually sent server messages during one event commending the server for making lines in order to finish content without drama.

Again we are reduced to lack of forethought, and I’m tired of being polite. whoever is designing the quests, stop thinking in terms of 1-2 or even 3-4 people doing it at once. Think in terms of 50-100, this way rift wont devolve into quest mob camping and rabid competition I’ve seen happen in other games. (Ever play anarchy online?)

Why am I so mad? since the death saga there has been an issue with quest bottlenecking.
Every. Single. Quest. Update.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the quest design team actually learned their lessons. Want to focus on new content instead of going back every 3-4 days to fix something? Do it right in the first place.

"Hey other quest design team guys, I got an idea!"
*Great let’s hear it!*
"Let’s make a challenge, but it’s one objective, for an entire zone, needed by both factions, and the entire server, that’s not easy to find, changes between one of twenty locations every 5 minutes, and is indistinguishable from other trees with the same model!"
*Brilliant! We’ve got the reused textures already waiting!*

Bring it trolls, I’m mad because this is the only game worth trying to save. I don’t want to see it turn into another lazy attempt at MMO maintenance like other games have turned into.

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