Rift Universe IA and Event bug. Quest

Seems like a bug.

If you are doing an EI IA sourcewell defend and an invasion starts at your location. The defend ‘fails’.

We had an IA defending the Temple of Arakris. Seed of Change starts and the arch converts to the Crystalized Sourcestone. No boss shows up during the defend stage and we wait out for the failure timer.

It’s an outlining case, but figured the devs should be aware of it.

Additionally, if an invasion is in the process of taking over a sourcewell arch and an IA changes quest to that defend sourcewell. The event will almost always autofail. This has happend several times to me. Once when I was actually at the sourcewell fighing, clicked join IA when someone ran past and saw the instant failure.

Shouldn’t there be checks in place to avoid these kinds of situations?

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