Rift Universe Abuse of “Group Kick” in Instant Adventure Quest

Having run several of these, it’s become VERY apparent that if someone votes to kick someone out of the group, "sheep" mentality sets in and most folks just hit "Yes" for no reason- which rapidly turns into an abuse situation (for example- random individuals who aren’t okay with someone selecting "Need" on something they don’t think people should select "Need" on). I’ve personally never voted "Yes" to kicking someone out- because there’s never been a clear reason presented. In fact, the only good reason I can think of is that there are people in the raid taking up space who aren’t physically present.

I suggest that we disable group kick in IAs and instead have an AFK timer set up. If you are inactive for more than 5 minutes and/or are outside of the questing area for more than 5 minutes, then you are kicked from the adventure. Alternately, "Kick" should require some kind of reason presented that folks can actually look at.

It’s getting downright silly how often I see people kicked out for no apparent reason.

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