Rift Universe A bit angry about the “Fury of the Ascended” daily… Quest

First, I love Rift. I love exploring and questing and casual player things. Maybe that is part of the problem, but I don’t have
the RL time to be more than casual. Anyway, I find Rift to be exciting & relaxing all at once, and there is very little I could find to complain about in this game. So thanks for that!!!

However, the dailies for this world event are trying to say the least. All my characters are below level 30. I like the journey better than the arrival, lol. I understand that the "Medic" quest is geared for higher level players. I have never been able to complete "Skin of My Teeth" either. The orders just didn’t drop. After several hours, I might have 5 or 7… So I don’t do those quests.

The "Fury of the Ascended" quest is very hit or miss, and I am really frustrated today. I spent 6 hours this morning on my 6 defiant characters, and only completed it on one of them. I understand that the invasions need to be fire or earth and that they need to be running somewhere. What is so frustrating is that they show up as invasions on the map even when they have made the idol, and you don’t get credit for killing them then. PLEASE, please, only show the crossed swords if the invasion is not parked. Or let the quest complete as long as the icon on the map shows it to be an invasion (crossed swords) and not a foothold. It really bites to try again and again and get the words "Invasion Defeated" but no quest complete. And yes I do use the Fury power which means I need to recharge many times as we can only carrty 3 planar charges at once. The running invasions seem to always find a stopping point by the time I can ride to them, or the NPCs have killed them off before I can get there…

I saw that the quests auto-complete with the new phases, but that is not the point. I like to actually complete them myself. Invasions need to be invasions, footholds need to be footholds, and they really need to be marked appropriately on the map. If an invasion is really a foothold & will not complete the quest, it should be called a foothold.

Sorry for venting, but thanks. It gave me a headache…

Still, thank you so much Trion for a great game!

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