Rift: Rift Auction House 201 – Surviving Without Addons

Rift Auction House playing is still very different from World of Warcraft.  The biggest difference is addons.  In WoW, addons can save your ass from spending a lot of unnecessary gold.  However, how do you save platinum in Rift?

1) Use the Tools You Do Have – While you do not have the benefit of an addon like Auctioneer, you do have some pretty powerful things built right into the Rift auction house.  The best friend you can have is the Unit Price.  The Unit Price is the price I try to remember when putting up auctions.  While I do not run a list of every single thing on the Auction House, I try to remember the unit price for the few big items.  With everything else, I try to stay competitive with the other auctions.  Some of the big items I always keep up with are Tempered Orichalcum Bar, Steel-Stitched Leather, Platinum Ore, Spellspun Silk, and Witchweave Cloth.

2) When to Buy Out a Market – Without addons, it is incredibly difficult to read market trends.  It is also difficult to tell when it is worth buying out a market.  The market I’m specificallythinking about is augments.  People put all augments on the AH for incredibly cheap prices.  Here is my rule for controlling augments:  If I can buy out an augment market that requires a minimum profession skill level of 250 for under 1 platinum, buy it out and relist.   What I relist it for is depending on the augment.  If it is a green augment, I may relist it for 75 gold per.  If it is a blue augment, I may relist it for 1-2 platinum.  If it is an epic, probably bare minimum of 3 platinum.

3) Weekend versus Weekday Playing – One of the oldest business sayings is to buy low and sell high.  But without having addons, how do you know what is low and what high it can be sold for.  I gave you one way already with augments.  Here is a another rule I live by:  Buy on the weekends and sell during the week.  Why?  As any long time MMO player can tell you, weekend players are not as savy as people who play during the week.  If you can only devote weekend time to playing a game, you are not going to be up to date on what things sell and at what prices.  This leads to drastic undercutting.  For example, I saw somebody this weekend put a Tempered Orichalcum Bar on the AH for a bid of 2 platinum.  This is so wrong in so many ways, but it opens up the ability for you to take advantage of it.  For starters, the bare minimum requirements to make this bar is 8 platinum and 40 gold with the vendor items you have to buy.  Second, knowing my server, it usually doesn’t go less than 13 platinum. (And even that is being generous with Catalytic Essence, Orichalcum Ore, and the 1 platinum deposit for putting the auction on the AH)  How do you take the advantage of this situation? You put a bid on it for the 2 platinum and hope you win it.  If you do win it, you have an automatic profit just by relisting for the normal price.  This is just one example of buying on the weekend and selling it for a better price during the week.  Keep an eye out for other similar circumstances on weekends.

4) Explore Untapped Markets – I have done a little bit of research on my server.  I have to give a little credit to Rift players over WoW players.  You are not easily fooled by vendor items on the AH.  My example for this one is with the Magical Oil, which is required for the Steel-Stitched Leather.  On a Saturday, when weekend players come on, I decided to list two Magical Oils for 10 platinum a piece.  Any regular player would recognize this as vendor items from the Butcher trainer for 4 platinum and 20 gold.  However, nobody fell for it.  Admittingly, my mistake may have been putting both up for a total buyout of 20 platinum.  This is an example of an untapped market.  There were no Magical Oils on the market and I tried to sell them.  I’m sure I will try again.  Look at especially vendor items for things to sell.  This would especially be true for any vendor items required for the new armor or weapons. 

5) Short versus Long Term Investments – As a butcher/miner, pretty much every Steel-Stitched Leather and Tempered Orichalcum Bar I make is going up on the AH.  Mainly because I only have two Armorsmithing Plaques and need more to get the newest epic recipes.  Right now, my best investment is to sell them as soon as I make them or sell the cooldown, one or the other.  However, as soon as I get to 4 Armorsmithing Plaques, I need to start looking at stockpiling.  Why?  Because when I get the 5th Armorsmithing Plaque and can make the epic gear, those items become more valuable to me.  Sure, it requires more of them, but at least I can make them myself.  This goes to the final point.  Think about final profit.  Look over patch notes and see what is coming.  Look at the recipes you are wanting to get and when it will be more valuable to start stockpiling items.  It is always better to give up making 20 platinum in profit now to make 100 platinum down the road.

This is just a small list of intermediate auction house techniques to use in Rift.  While it is more difficult to make a profit without addons, it is definitely not impossible.  You just have to work a little harder at it.