Rift: Thoughts on Conquest for Warriors

We all knew this was coming. Well you should have known. The issues for warriors is a combination of melee range and lack of survivabikty. Currently a warrior cannot even attempt to go dps in conquest due to the insane amounts of AOE and ranged dps. The developers have a few options. They can reduce range dps and AOE significantly in conquest. We are talking upwards of 40% or beef up warrior defenses. I think suggest the following:

1). Increase the PA AOE danage reduction ability to 25% from 10%.
2). Increase the PA ability the reduces damage when crit to 10% ar full five ranks.
3). Add an ability in the PA tree that provides damage immunity but also reduces all damage done by 100% for ten seconds. Make it have a one minute cooldown and only effect pvp.
4). Add an ability for tank classes similar to hold the line in warhammer. The warrior takes 75% less damage and is immune to AOE. Requires a shield and lasts for the energy bar. All players behind the warrior get + 50% dodge and + 50% spell restance. Does not stack. Cannot interrupted. The warrior cannot move while doing it.
5). Add an ability for tanks that is a damage reflect. 5% damage reflect. It is a purable buff from the pvp PA tree that only effects players.
6). Increase the range of reaver dots and pulls to 30 meters. Increase all warrior ranged attacks to 30 meters.
7). Increase the effectiveness of plate armor.

These may seem excessive but they are not. Conquest is a disaster for warriors due to how high ranged dps is in the game.

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