Rift: Dunsparrow’s Rogue Guide to Pre-Nerf Conquest (with macros)

I realize that Conquest has been nerfed recently to prevent getting reasonable amounts of honor. Still, I think the public interest demands that I reveal the tips and tricks I used to skillfully grind from rank 40 to 50 in a matter of hours. 100% skill based. Here we go. First the spec:

Dun’s Conquestor
21 Riftstalker /0 anything/0 whatever

Now you may notice with this spec that several points are unassigned. You can allocate those unimportant remaining 45 points wherever you like. Planar Vortex is the key to maximizing your skillfulness and efficacy.

With your spec in place, you are now prepared for Conquest. Now I will tell you that every game ends with Nightfall victorious and Dominion at 0%. Stop. Did you queue up for Nightfall? Don’t be an idiot. Queue up for Dominion.

As Dominion, the most important thing to do is to queue up already mounted. This is because you want to reach the boss with 27 hit points before anyone else, which will allow you to get credit/marks. Once you have tagged the boss, head directly for the Oathsworn base. You can find it by following the other 500 skillful adepts on your team.

Upon reaching the Oathsworn base, its time to put everything you’ve learned in your rift career into practice. First, casually murder any Oathsworn trying to leave their base. If they escape, let them go. Do not chase them. Next, look for the spot where the Oathsworn appear after respawning. You should be able to identify it by the skyrocketing number of skeletons appearing on it. Get ready, because its about to get serious.

Stand on the Oathsworn spawn point and Force Respawn them as fast as possible. This is the truest test of your skill, because you must also keep planar vortex active, so that you get tags on respawning Oathsworn before they are murdered by the shadowy fury of a thousand Circles of Oblivion from the skillful Clerics on your team. Remember:

1. Keep Planar Vortex active
2. Click Force Respawn as quickly as possible on the pile of corpses you are making
3. Taunt your enemies for choosing Oathsworn

For #3 I found a number of options work, and while some people detest the use of macros, I did come across a good one that works well:

#show Cadence
/y AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
/y AMUUUUURKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Continue to spam this macro while force respawning and don’t forget to keep planar vortex active.

Congratulations on rank 50. You earned it. Well, it wont work anymore, but it worked for me. Damn, I’m good.

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