Rift: Battle Bard: Building the Spec and Rotation Assistance

The Build: 32bard/24ranger/10mark

Single Target rotation

crippling shot
piercing shot
quick shot

finishers (non macro)
head shot (use it every 60 secs to keep buff up or when you are mobile because deadeye shot is a 2sec cast)
deadeye shot

If a long fight: shadow fire as an opener and keep that up.

Trick shot

Concussive blast
Coda of Fury


Pet; greater dire wolf
fanfare of power
anthem of fervor

Side abilities

coda of restoration
Virtuoso (use if you need to spam Coda of Restoration or Fury)
5 motifs

Disclaimer- Made alteration to a few battle bard builds but never could find a solid one. I only have been playing the rogue for a few weeks – with 3 builds: 51 marks, 51 bard, and 25as/21rs/20bd (dunsparrow).

Just seeking thoughts of improvement on either rotation or the build. I did a few CC runs. On 3+ mobs, can reach 1k dps, and on bosses, I was able to reach 700 +/- 50 dps from pet.

Thank you.

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