Rift: Super noob needs help

Hay I am someone who has never seriously played any game like this. I want to be a healer and after trying a little dps I like healing much more. I am still low level.
I have chosen to be mainly a warden, I like the play style and love the flow and such, but i run into some problems after that. I dont really like the trees of the other healers (at least as much as id get with 51w)
Could i get some advice on side tree selection. I want to be full time healer but im not sure if that is viable with my dislike of the trees(unless i underestimate a tree)
I really like dungens and probably would want to heal for them mostly.
also i have run across the problem in dungens where my friend who tanks i can heal more or less just fine
But i have a hard time healing other people.
Is there some tank/healer combos that dont synergies?
If so should i look to have a back up healing soul?
Thanks in advance.
Noobs be noobin *-*

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