Rift: Last appeal from a real Rift supporter

I have played rift from beta and up till now have loved the game, the graphics, UI and everything you want from an MMO have been spot on so far, and I will mention the support from the Trion team through the first year was better than I have ever seen in any game, so there you are I do really love this game, but, my first character to hit level 50 was a healer, the class was in my opinion well designed and had a good survivability whilst being able to also keep its team members alive, ok so maybe it was a little OP in survivability but that was good, a healer is there to stay alive and help the team so why not !! in reality a healer is not going to win a warfront or decimate the other team with top kills in the stats, you kinda just hang around where most of your team are and keep them alive, not exactly game changing stuff is it ?

So why have we had this nerf to healing? why can a healer not stay alive with only one opponent attacking them, where did the logic to this come from, I really do not understand how anyone involved in a game can think how this will work "ok we make it so the healer is so weak he can’t keep himself alive, let alone heal his team mates that will make things much better in this game" I mean come on guys.

Anyways thats my rant, if things don’t change I will be joining the ranks of those who have left this amazing game as I just cannot force myself to play a game I am not enjoying due to dev changes…..

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