Rift: Planar Attunement T2 and greater essences questions

I m not sure if this is the right place to post this but anyway…

I have just filled up the fire and war attunement trees and i was thinking where i should put the extra points.

So i wanted to know a few things…

1. Do greaters like Hailstone Tideshard proc from heals from Vampiric Essence (death PA)?
2. Vampiric Essence has a chance to proc from every DoT tick or just the first tick?
3. Shimmering Glyph (life PA) can proc from DoT criticals? Can it proc from the first tick or eny tick?

Unfortunately i dont have the hundreds of plat it required to do the respecs and test it myself

I know you will all say to forget about them, use flaring glyph and take the passives from other trees but i have my reasons to know…
For example i can get a bit more survivability if Hailstone Procs from Vampriric essence, or perhaps i can take advantage of my DoTs to increase my dps with Shimmering Glyph

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