Rift: Lack of ST DPS. What’s the reason?

Hey guys,
I’ll start with listing my stats:

Currently with burningstone I have 1731 SP, 763crt.
3x T1 gear pieces + lock / pyro crystal in my inventory. Today/tomorrow I should’ve 4 pieces.

Max ST dps I had is around 1800 with 51lock. Life Leech -> DT -> Necrosis -> Defile -> SL:D/Empowered + Spam Void Bolit -> refreshing dots.

With 36/30 pyrolock ST DPS MAX I had was 1600 (lower than my sp :mefiant15:). I tried MANY, believe me, MANY rotations – bluedots, guild forums etc etc. Uncle google got sweaty….

Just tried 42/13/11 pyro-lock-archon build, 1400-1500 dps.

38/28 lock-pyro around 1600. Not a big difference in compare to 36/30.

Could you please, tell me what am I doing wrong? In fully buffed raids I got max 2k dps[51lock] (1990 was max if I remember well). Yesterday saw mage with crappier gear than mine, with 3 pieces T1 Gear as well doing 2,2k (He was using Pyro mixed with something for sure, saw firebolts spam) :bulb:

That’s the first thing.

Second thing is, I cannot find for myself a decent AoE build, where I can sustain myself. Tried some SC-Pyro, something with chloro bla bla bla bla bla watched a movie about it. I’m dieing almost instantly with 3 mobs on me. 🙂

Is my gear such a crap I have to solo IA’s with NecroLock?

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