Are there any clerics that just… don’t heal? >_>

This post is in reference to PvP and open world rifts, mostly.

I decided to reroll on defiant as I return to Rift and I’ve been turmoiling over a particular issue. I enjoy playing a melee cleric- a hybrid melee/heals character is pretty much exactly what I enjoy. Before quiting Rift, I played a healer. In pretty much every MMO, I play a healer. Suddenly… I’m burned out on being a healer. 😛

I’m a little weary of playing as a cleric because I really don’t have any desire to heal, and forums/in game seems to be littered with folks who all say the same thing: if you are a cleric and no one around you is healing in PvP, it is your duty to heal regardless of what you actually want to do.

This being said, I started wondering… does everyone who plays cleric heal/have a healing build, or are there some who simply dps/tank and don’t heal at all?

Flame on?