Rift: RIFT 1.9 Hotfix #4 – 5:45pm PDT 7/2/12 [NA] – 2:15am GMT/3:15am BST 3/7/12 [EU]

* Made the first of several tweaks we’re looking at to improve the lag situation/server performance.

* Mega Turrets located at bases, now with more ‘mega’ than before.
* Explosive Charges have been scattered throughout all three teams’ bases. Avoid them, they hurt!
* The Archlich is tired out from being dragged up and around towers. He’s much happier out in the fields – and plans to stay there!
* Fixed a case where players could end up in the Conquest map without being assigned to a Conquest faction.
[Added] * Total map population cap of Conquest has also been lowered a bit to help with server load.

* Summerfest: Life Invasions will now drop Summerfest Merit Badges!

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