Rift: RIFT 1.9 Hotfix #3 – 6:00pm PDT 6/29/12 [NA] – Part of hotfix #2 for [EU]

* Fixed a crash some characters would see when opening the PvP UI window.
* The Portal at Zareph’s Return has been removed.
* The Conquest UI now automatically refreshes the current state of Conquest, so you can see without re-opening the window if a faction is no longer full or if the map is ready to be joined.

* You can once again use consumables, trinkets, equip items, etc. while running.
* The ‘Events’ channel no longer grants channel ownership to players.
* If you have friends showing up in your list as @Unknown – you can now remove these with the Remove button (the slash command is not recognizing them at this point).
* Fixed a camera issue when using the Stylist NPCs from outside or behind their tent.

* Maklamos the Scryer: Activate-able hardmode ENGAGE! Maklamos’ beam mechanic makes a return in the ‘hardmode’ version of the fight, activated by killing three wisps of different colors at the same time.
* Barrel of Dragon’s Breath can no longer be asploded outside of the instance.

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